Monday, November 18, 2019

Airport Passenger Process Mapping Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Airport Passenger Process Mapping - Coursework Example Developing a comprehensive operation plans calls for the involvement of all stakeholders responsible for the running of business ventures (Magali). The Dubai airport has instituted its operation management plans to address the ever-changing intricacies as well as regulatory compliances of safety issues in the modern world. The Dubai airport handles millions of passengers all year round. For instance, in 2010, it handled close up to fifty million passengers. To manage the passengers the Dubai airport has instituted an operations management approach, which has integrated technology to manage both cargo and passengers (Dubai Airports). With numerous systems offering information, an operating system can be weighed down with information burden. Therefore, connecting and managing this data entails careful planning as well as a means of transforming the information into knowledge, which can lead to the smooth running of an airport (Rees). Security operational management With an array of ope rations platforms, all probable contributors to the general security scheme, it can fastidiously become challenging to manage security operations. The main aspect to overcome a security challenge in an airport setting like Dubai airport is in the initiation of a scalable response, which has the capacity to manage all elements of airport security from a central position. For instance, the Dubai airport consists of various terminals handling both domestic and international flight as well as cargo destined for the United Arabs Emirates and beyond (Emirates). At Dubai airport, systems that enhance airport security operations management are endless; some of the most notable include freight and baggage handling and screening, accessibility control, metal detectors, alongside video monitoring and surveillance. The security operations management of an airport has benefited a great deal from visual surveillance. Integrated visual analytics in security operations has the capacity of recognizi ng unattended passengers load, irregular behavior activities, as well as irregular passengers and vehicle flow. All these components enhance airport security rejoinders, particularity, if the number of visual streams to be monitored, is significant (Emirates). Passenger operations Dubai airport handles millions of passengers all year round. Therefore, to manage these passengers the emirate group has stepped up its operations to ensure the smooth flow of passengers in and out of Dubai. Since the majority of aircrafts traffic from Dubai airport is international, the three key passenger terminals in operation have been fitted with state-of-the-art immigration management amenities for worldwide travel (Dubai Airport Guide). The average annual passenger growth rate at Dubai airport stands at eighteen percent. This growth parameter represents a likely passenger congestion scenario at Dubai in future.

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