Friday, February 28, 2020

Individual development plans (IDPs) part 2 Essay

Individual development plans (IDPs) part 2 - Essay Example An important characteristic of development objectives pertains to skills assessment. It is crucial for an individual to conduct an assessment of all the required and necessary skills to meet the objectives. An honest self-assessment will help identify gaps, as well as, strategies to seal the gaps within the specified timeframe. Strategies are such as one-on-one tutorials, workshops, and seminars can help accomplish the objectives (Feldman, 2011). The second aspect that leads to the effectiveness of the IDP is the timeline of the development. One ought to have a strict schedule that he or she will commit towards a particular development. It is impossible to attain all the skills needed for a long-term development in a few weeks. In the same way, a short-term development requires less time to acquire the needed skills (Feldman, 2011). A timeline serves as the roadmap to success for one to achieve various professional and academic developments. Setting a realistic timeframe for each development is crucial to the fruition of the IDP. Commitment to the development within the set time is an important characteristic needed for one be successful (Feldman,

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