Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Marketing Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Marketing Communications - Essay Example The strategy and organization of the advertising campaign is what determines the success of a business as it works as a tool of communication for those who are looking for specific products or services. Not only does advertising work in any economy, but it also provides a basis for whether a business can succeed or fail within their given community. The history of advertising is one that notes techniques and tools that remain consistent. At times, these become renamed as specific theories or innovations. However, the changes with advertising campaigns are essentially based on changes in tools available and through the new avenues used to reach others. The essence of advertising has remained the same, which is to use different forms of media to communicate to others about a service or product. Advertising first became popular in Britain in the 1870s and was defined as a business finding prospective customers who could turn into clients. As the industrial age began to form, new advertising forms and options for communicating to customers also became popular, specifically because of the quantity of products which began to develop. An example of this development in the 1890s came from Pinkhams who hired the first advertising agent. In 10 years, the campaigns that were produced cost an average of 44% of revenue for the company; howe ver, the increase in the company went up by 2500%. Other businesses in the same arena began to go out of business from this concept, which pushed many into the need to have advertising available (Fox, 20). The concept of advertising then changed from a basic formula of communicating with customers to having a specific advertising individual working in the office. By the mid – 1900s, there were advertising individuals who were in offices, specifically to create ads for newspapers and later on TVs. The transformation of businesses was one that began to rely on advertising to increase profits and to find new formulas to reaching

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