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Control Processes of IKEA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Control Processes of IKEA - Essay Example Total Quality management and other control techniques have a direct impact on the personal and professional life of the people who get used to this drill. Control processes of IKEA A business comprise of different processes which are involved in manufacturing the products and services. All these processes are easy to design but harder to control when it comes to a streamline them in order to reach the end product. For this reason, the domain of operations management has been introduced which deals with overseeing, designing and redesigning of business operations in the manufacturing of the services or products. The basic aim of the operations management is to ensure that every business process is using the resources efficiently along with meeting the needs of the customers. IKEA has launched the modern furniture line which has taken the market since 1948. Since then, they have expanded their business throughout the world with an excellent control of the processes worldwide (Sanders a nd Reid, 2009). Following are some of the most important fundamental manufacturing process of IKEA: Developing end products by establishing customer requirements: IKEA established customer requirements before developing a product. ... Â  2) IKEA also consider the opinions of people using different brands in the same industry as it helps in launching and producing something new for the customers. 3) An aggressive approach to direct selling is also being used which helps in attaining the spontaneous feedbacks. 4) Advertising is also being carried out which is again the job of marketing department (Sanders and Reid, 2009). Translation of customer requirements into products Along with establishing customer requirements, IKEA also translates the needs into actual products. By the following innovation, IKEA has been able to launch a wide range of product line which might lead the company to drift from the actual requirements of the customers. For this sake, IKEA has prepared a product planning framework. Based on this framework, IKEA has developed a concept of IKEA Range which helps in producing low products with effective methods of production (Russell and Taylor, 2010). Four basic factors are considered in this trans lation process: 1) Profile 2) Design 3) Strategy 4)Functionality IKEA store design IKEA has taken the major furniture market due to its designer stores which are developed on the abstract of a real home. The real home and rooms inspire the customers that help them in choosing and purchasing the right products.

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