Friday, July 26, 2019

Media and gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Media and gender - Essay Example This essay "Media and gender" outlines the gender stereotypes shown in various media resources and advertisement and also the impact of it on the society. Media is conveying such messages through such magazines, which are directing women to construct their identities and also adopt as per the lifestyle of role models, which are presented through online boards in the form of images and different celebrities. These are exhibited in such a manner, which project women to be known more as a form of sexuality. Sadly, women are seen on coverage in any sports event or field, which does not show women constituting sensuality. Hence, these are seen as exploitation of women as viewed by feminists who are basically the advocates to protect rights of women through a mass media. Most of the feminism revolves around the notion that women should have equal opportunities while establishing social roles. They also address and examine the construction of sex and gender issues and protect them against violent behavior in the society. A woman can be focused as a subject of feminism when a discussion is made which analyzes all the constraints which are causing its representation of its functions. The irony of the situation is that women themselves do not provide or symbolize themselves as an identity of feminist traits this identity is necessary which should have a representation specially in politics. While one is talking about identity it can either based on two things, sex or gender. Hence in order to have study of feminism both things are necessary in its construction. There is a need to preserve the identities and play an important role in politics and other visionary aspects of feminism. In the society in

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