Saturday, July 27, 2019

Psychology - organization and motivation Assignment

Psychology - organization and motivation - Assignment Example This downward flow of communication is used to let the workers understand their individual functions, to give and clarify instructions, and to give advices on how they can be most effective in their individual roles. It is also used to provide feedbacks on individual performances which can greatly help boost an employee’s determination to strive for perfection. On the other hand, employees also have an upward flow of communication where they can reach their managers, superiors and bosses. Through this communication flow, the workers provide a picture of how well the organization functions. It is where employees channel sentiments to their supervisors and employers. Their higher-ups in return take actions in resolving and improving these needs. Upward communication also shows how well the workforce understood the downward communication. It is a communication where the employee, managers, supervisors, and employers have an exchange of ideas and have a chance to contribute in making decisions. Having these forms of communication produces a more established workforce who is committed in doing their jobs. It is where a great employer- employee relationship is forged. Disregard any part of this two way communication and it will produce disasters. The organization will absolutely fail. It can result to an organization deviating from its goal and purpose, incompetent workers, unemployment, bankruptcy, and even death. In response to my peers’ responses, I would agree with both of them. For Kenneth, limited communication suffocates creative thoughts when the ability of subordinates to express themselves is taken away from them. This is true since it will make an employee feel unimportance and alienated. It is also true that lack of communication takes precious time, money and resources. On the point where bosses usually tells their managers what needs to be done, managers should have the ability to facilitate the ways and means to achieve that goal and

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