Monday, October 7, 2019

Abortion Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Abortion Final - Essay Example So questions arise like, is the mother who has aborted the child killer? Or, is the male partner of that woman equally responsible for this abortion/murder? Abortion is wrong at any stage, even at embryonic stage. If we will allow abortion for an earlier stage, then people will take advantage of this relaxation and will try to abort to baby even at a more mature stage which is called as fetus. So the main point of writing this paper is to argue that abortion should remain a crime except for a few genuine reasons. The term ‘abortion’ refers to those acts that are aimed at ending pregnancy. It also refers to forcing out the fetus or embryo form the womb of mother before it could be able to survive on its own: before complete child development that takes about 9 months in total after conception. If this happens accidentally, it is referred as ‘miscarriage’. In this paper we are going to present some common ethical dilemmas against abortion. Then later we will analyze those dilemmas. Giving birth to children is an important part of personal as well as social life. Nevertheless, there are people who decide to have an abortion due to various reasons (Graber, M. 1996). We are also going to discuss the methods that are generally used to abort a baby at different stages of the child development. We then have a look at historical and legislation frontiers. We will also discuss this issue in the light of normative ethics. The reason behind an abortion varies from society to society and culture to culture. Some societies hate girls and abort if the gender test shows that they are going to have a baby girl. On the other hand, many parents or partners change their minds to have a baby and abort the baby. In cases of rapes, rape victims are used to abort the baby because this act is wrong altogether. One child policy that prevails in China is also one of the reasons behind abortions. In some poor countries,

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