Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Customer Satisfaction and Market Segmentation of Mass Transit Railway Dissertation

Customer Satisfaction and Market Segmentation of Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation Limited - Dissertation Example The research has played an important role in highlighting the importance and need of customer satisfaction in the success and growth of the organsiation. The researcher had always an interest in understanding the dynamics of marketing and strategic management and the research offered an opportunity to learn different intricacies of the subject matter. While conducting the research, there were moments when the whole idea of achieving the proposed aim and objectives was looking far away. However, with due support of professors, friends and family, there was a new way that helped in gaining confidence of learning new things. It was really nice to interact with a number of people and analysing their views and opinions on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is an abstract concept that requires thorough understanding of the nature and preference of customers. The researcher learnt a lot by analysing the views and opinions of customers that were very similar to the literature. An u nderstanding over the different facets of the research allowed the researcher to look things from different angles and perspectives and this learning has been pretty useful that can be incorporated in the personal and professional life. Every research is a kind of journey that adds great value. The researcher has been lucky enough to learn patience, understanding and analysis of things and opinions from different perspectives and angles. ... NT Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement- Ludwig Wittgenstein Every research starts with a general idea that gets depth and value with the support and guidance of others. Knowledge is doubled when share and supported in a compassionate manner. The researcher would like to thank his supervisor†¦ for his kind support and positive motivation that helped in achieving the proposed aim and objectives of the research. His continuous guidance created good amount of interest that has been reflected in the research. The researcher would also like to thank his professor†¦ for offering him key insights over the subject matter. Without his guidance and efforts, things would have been a bit different in terms of results and outcomes. The researcher would like to appreciate the management of the University that allowed him to access library and other electronic sources that helped in gaining knowledge over the subject matter. More importantly, this created a positive response f rom the researcher side in terms of delivering the goods in an expected manner. The role of family in supporting the research cause has been immense and without their support and motivation; things would have not shaped in a desired manner. Their understanding and constant support allowed the researcher to add continuous value to the research topic. The researcher would also like to thank his friends for sharing their ideas and views over the research topic that helped in developing multiple perspectives. Overall, a deep gratitude to everyone who made this research journey a successful one. The researcher would like to thank everyone for their direct and indirect support and dedicate the entire effort to their support and motivation. Their presence and guidance helped in identifying various issues

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