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Discourse on Method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Discourse on Method - Essay Example In his work, Descartes argues that Science is not the only way of dealing with difficulties in the society. He indicates that Science is full of flaws and that human beings should not confine themselves in the practicality of scientific experiments. In this context, therefore, he indicates that, the human soul is the origin of truth, as it allows human beings go through a process of soul and self searching, in an endeavor to come up with answers to questions of nature. To prove this point, in part four, he gives an example of the incapability of Mathematics to distinguish the truth from fallacy. This is an interpretation of the fact that, Science does not encompass all aspects of problem solving skills and that human soul allows an individual go through a process of soul search; thus, allow an examination of facts from a first hand experience on the organs and they determine the existence of beings. For one to get answers regarding nature, they must have one on one experience with th e attributes and not just by creating formulae and theorems to explain the facts. He gives an example of feeling the heat through the fingers to the blood; thus, ascribe meanings to the same. In part 4, (pp.54) he indicates that, in the case that the human did not have a body, and the physical world did not exist, the existence of the soul is an explanation of existence in the world. The body is distinct from the soul and each exists on their own. This is an evidence of Descartes; part 6 is concurrent with the works of part 4 and 5. Just like in part 6, Descartes’ thoughts concur with those of part 4. He argues for, and proves the subsistence of the soul as well as God. This can be evidenced from his argument that the senses are unreliable from the nature of dreams. From this example, Descartes aims at proving his existence, and that he thinks that he exists. An analysis of facts leads to Descartes thinking and belief that the soul and the body are separate and the senses in the human body are not beneficial in coming up with the exact aspect of issues in the environment. From his thoughts, Descartes goes to an extent of doubting that he exists and that perfection is way beyond unreachable. He insists that perfection is only possible in God, and attests to the fact all things form Him and that He is the only one who has answers to the seemingly extremely difficult concepts to understand. From part 5, the thoughts of part 6 seeds of truth have a great correlation. Descartes explains human anatomy being almost perfect yet their ability to reason has a lot of flaws. Human beings, for instance, are rational beings whose soul, in his argument, must be alienated from the body. The human soul is way beyond death, and must not diminish with the fatality of the body of the human. This is an interpretation of the immortality of the human soul. In search for truth, Descartes argues that, aspects of fame and fortune may not be beneficial. Descartes’ pursuit prone to error Descartes confirms to the fact that all forms of undertakings are prone to errors. In his work, Descartes (pp.51) indicates that, in the quest to search for truth, human beings tend to relay on their senses to have an understanding of the facts that are around them. In this context, therefore, he

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