Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fill out Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Fill out - Assignment Example Even, I am more stressed out and mentally fatigued. For controlling this stress, I feel that I should give some time to myself and my friends because giving all the time to studies is making me more stressed. I can do some exercises for mental relaxation; I can also make a schedule giving time to exercise, studies, family time and much more. I should take enough sleep to relax my mind. I should set my preferences and list them out number-wise. Previously, I adopted an extreme side that made me tenser and I was unable to give required results. I worry about a number of things in my life. I am quite aware that this worrying is useless, but I am somewhat habitual. For example, I worry about diseases especially the viral ones; I also worry about my studies that make me much stressed. I worry about people and their comments on any of my actions. I worry about my parents’ anger and much more. What are some ways that this worrying behavior might be useful for you? Think in terms of its distractive value, the self-pity and sympathy that you might enjoy, or even the magical belief that you might somehow prevent disaster through magical thinking. My concern about diseases makes me to take precautionary measures beforehand. My worry about studies makes me to devise strategies to appear better in exams. I also enjoy self-pity when I analyze the amount of workload on me. My stress about people’s perceptions and beliefs regarding my behavior and personality make me stand by and on my guard. My worry about my parents’ anger allows me to keep away from such actions that can cause this anger. Directions: Sometimes the inability to separate a problem from how you feel about the situation may impede your progress in obtaining solutions. The following is an exercise that is designed to help you separate the two.   I am sometimes unable to control my anger that is a big problem. Anger is an emotional outburst that is mostly bad for human health

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