Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Professional Skills Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Professional Skills - Assignment Example ..13 Word Count: 2562 Introduction Each and every person present in this world has some special interests and he sets up his targets and objectives according to those interests. These interests and objectives then dictate the selection of educational career and thus the whole life of the individual is based upon those objectives and interests. Selecting the right education is the first step towards achieving those goals and objectives; the next step is to devise a strategy through which one can utilize his abilities and education for reaching the set targets. A good strategy is very much necessary for utilizing one’s abilities and education because for better performance an environment in which a person can work independently without any external pressures, is very important. I want to work on the same lines; I first identified my targets in life, then selected an HE course for achieving those targets and during my educational career, I believe in developing certain profession al skills and attitude essential for excelling in life. Selecting a computing course related to information security was my choice because studying an innovative subject which could help me in starting a career in computing technologies was a better option. I plan to gain some professional experience during the starting years of my career by working in any established business and then after gaining certain essential expertise, the next objective will be to establish a business of my own, a consultancy providing solutions in information security. For achieving these targets, technical and professional development is essential because technical knowledge will help me in carrying out different projects whereas a professional attitude is essential while working in a team, particularly for leading a team of individuals (Cottrell, 2010). Currently I am good at researching and learning through various resources, however I have also identified various areas in which I need to improve if I have to achieve the targets I have set for myself. Because of the fact that English is not my first language, I have to face a lot of difficulties in oral communication and effective communication is vital for excelling professionally because a person has to convey his ideas effectively in order to convince people around him. Another important area in which I need to improve is leadership and working in teams. Because of the problems faced in communication I cannot work very well in teams despite knowing my role in the team and having all the expertise and skills required to fulfill that role. Another major concern is my leadership abilities which currently I do not possess but I need to develop leadership qualities if I have to establish a business of my own. Education and Professional Development The HE program I have selected i.e. Information Security in Computing Pathways is the best suited program for achieving the targets I have set for myself. While selecting this program I c onsidered my interests first. Being fascinated by the technological advancements

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