Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Management Ethics inPepsiCo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Management Ethics inPepsiCo - Essay Example The researcher states that in the modern world there has been a paradigm shift in the values of corporate codes of ethics. Ethical values are not only associated with the work culture of an organization, it also implies on external factors such as stakeholders and society. Professional code of ethics, on the other hand, is also an essential component that is required to be implemented in industries. Professional code of ethics is different from the corporate code of ethics as it has no influence on distinguished wrongdoing in organizations. Since business organizations have to pass through different stages in terms of control systems, management systems, and formal structures. There are some significant developments that are required to be emphasized for its smooth running. Implementation of corporate codes of business ethics plays very important role in the management sector because it not only increases the values and workability in the organization, it also helps to gain the inter est of the external stakeholders of the organizations. This paper focuses on the ethical cultures that are implemented by the PepsiCo along with the continuous support of the management that has helped to maintain the ethical values in the organization. There are several theories of ethics that can be implemented in the work culture of the organizations. First of all, Consequentialism states that the majority of action depends on the moral cost that the action brings in the organizations. According to the organizational policies, each and every employee is expected to practice good and moral behavior and action in the workplace. The ratio between right and wrong determines the moral and ethical values of organizations. According to the theory of morality, every action must be accountable to someone in an organization. For any wrong action or wrong behavior, the person involved must take responsibility. Morality also suggests that every person in the world should have the potential a nd motive to perform only good practices and take up the responsibility for their wrong actions. This kind of behavior in people can help in social engagement and reduce the tendency of conflicts. Organizations strongly implement such policies in their work culture in order to increase productivity.

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