Saturday, September 7, 2019

Merit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Merit - Essay Example In the practical world, this will be unrealistic because people are used to the contrary. There will be many questions of human rights that will arise. From the ancient periods, it is difficult to measure what is considered equally just. In the contemporary situation, most people are rewarded on the basis of assumption and estimates. In the education sector, most students do not get what is rightfully theirs. Most students feel that the examination they do does not entail all that the syllabus covers. The examinations will only cover specific areas instead of the entire syllabus. Students feel discriminated because the exam might not cover their strong points hence they will fail. The exams must be set in a way that the students demonstrate what they have learnt. The examinations should also be done regularly and the results compiled. The system of doing examinations once in every semester does not give the students a chance to exhibit their strengths in many units. In some cases, th e ladies are given some exemptions when they are applying for certain courses (Rachel, 2010). From the ancient times, men used to get more rewards than the women because they used to do a lot of work. Women rights advocates came up with arguments that the women were being discriminated. This has led to the emergence of affirmative actions for the women.

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