Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Advertising Journal #4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advertising Journal #4 - Essay Example The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) presents its ads through television, newspapers, the Internet, billboards, hoardings and prize schemes etc. The ads under study have been developed for the children, who serve as the most passionate and ambitious consumers. The ad, above-mentioned, has been developed in such a way that it immediately captures the attention of little children, who insist to buy the product not only for themselves, but also for their stuffed toys. Teddy bear is one of the most popular stuffed toys among children, and when children find their toys drinking beverage, they feel delighted and purchase the same brand, causing the multiplicity in sales of the product. Though the ad appears to be confined to the children only, yet it is children that play vital role in the promotion of a segment. In addition, the ad covers the entire children community without race, religion, region and status. Moreover, bear is the national symbol of Russia, and represents all cold areas where bears are in abundance. It shows even the chilliest areas look for Coca-Cola and cannot resist its charm. As afore-mentioned, TCCC presents its ads at special occasions. This ad represents the children’s unflinching joys while celebrating Christmas in the company of Santa Claus drinking Coca-Cola and refreshing their delight and mirth. It also gives the message that there is no concept of holidays for Coco-Cola, nor the holidays can keep children away from their favorite beverage. The ad is a traditional expression of holidays, religious fervor and children’s passion to look for their favorite diet during fun making and enjoying. Happiness of the children can be observed by looking into their eyes and smiles, and Santa Claus is the representative of peace, joy and generosity, which proves the beverage source of joy and peace. Children are the

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