Friday, August 30, 2019

IPT Marketing Technology

Once IPT’s website is complete, the company will have a fantastic opportunity to use several simple tools in order to capture data on its customer base. An online sign-up form in which customers input key data along with their Email address will be instrumental in fine-tuning marketing efforts which target specific markets. Permission-based Email marketing will involve sending promotional messages to the list of addresses in the database at least once monthly. Asking all customers to complete a short, online survey form after placement of an order or at various random times as consumers are browsing the site will direct IPT’s efforts to create a more satisfactory experience for the customer from a service standpoint. The website can also be configured to provide an online ordering system for commercial customers, making it easier and more convenient for them to place orders. Spreadsheets can also be used in conjunction with existing sales software. By assigning customer numbers and tracking purchases, IPT will be able to determine its best customers in terms of buying frequency and dollar amounts. Spreadsheets can be created to track the spending habits of retail, corporate and wholesale customers as well as show trends relating to business levels throughout the year, also known as a â€Å"recency frequency monetary value† tool (Alexander, 2007). In this way, IPT will have a strong foundation on which to base marketing promotions after a year or less of tracking. Creating a database of information from each customer will also aid in retention of loyal customers. CRM principles are based on a foundation of knowing the customer at the most intimate level possible and then using this information to align benefits with consumer needs (Alexander, 2007). As IPT expands geographically, the purchase of CRM software specifically designed to be used in a networked system will be a necessity. Such software will also contain report-building features so that IPT is able to analyze the data in several different ways. Eventually, IPT will want to develop its own, unique loyalty program with incentives offered to its top percentage of customers. Incentives do not need to be monetary-based, but can be as simple as tracking occasions when the customer may want to send gifts, such as relative’s birthdays, etc. References Alexander, Peter (July, 2007). â€Å"Use Data to Build Customer Loyalty†. Retrieved February 5, 2008 from the Website:   

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