Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Instructional Strategies Concept Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Instructional Strategies Concept Paper - Essay Example al strategies, Denny has first to be acquainted with the epistemological framework of which Cynthia Oakes operates – which is the constructivist approach. Constructivism is ongoing meaning-making through authentic engagement- remains a useful idea for learners and instructors at all levels of educations and training (Reiser & Dempsey, 2012). This is to ensure that they speak the same language and able to design the instruction program to the satisfaction of the stakeholders. This would entail needs analysis, research, interview and a lot of resourcefulness on the part of Denny. Second, Denny has to craft a program that is consistent with the constructivist approach which engages learners in a process of inquiry and activity instead of providing the right answer. Denny’s program has to generate multiple ideas and answer from his students in solving a certain problem which is a valuable process of constructivist approach. This would include tools that would facilitate discussion that promotes the process of inquiry and activity. When clients are vague with the instructions and objectives of a learning program, instructional designers has to be resourceful in order to â€Å"fathom† what the client really needs. This would require extensive research on the part of the instructional designer. First, such as in the case of Dennys, requires understanding on the framework of which the client operates. In the case of Cynthia, the constructivist approach. It would help a lot if the instructional designer can view the videos on how program was implemented. The instructional designer could then dig in at the available literature about the program to understand its thrust. In Denny’s case it was the grant proposal. Sifting through the proposal would give the instructional designer an insight about the instructional needs of the client through the justification of the project. Then one can interview the teachers about their instructional needs to have a

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