Monday, August 26, 2019

Human resource Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Human resource - Essay Example One such factor is the excellent performance and reward management of the company. The founders of the company abided by all the principles and produced products accordingly. The performance of the company and its progress within a short period of time has made it a nationalised company holding the majority portion of the market share. Current Performance and Reward Management practises at Innocent Performance management is an important cornerstone in the Human Resource practises of an organization (Smither and London, 2009). It is all about measuring the performances of the employees doing their jobs and designing and implementing systems in order to strengthen the performance standards which have been set. It starts with measuring the daily operational performances of the employees. An organization should have a clear understanding about the kind of job for which they are hiring the employees. Based on that the training should be provided and finally the performances of the employe es should be measured. Performance management involves partnership agreement with the employees or the team of employees in order to increase their level of involvement in the organization (Cardy and Leonard, 2011). Moreover the future improvement in the performance of an organization needs the assessment of the past and the present performance. Every section of activities like providing feedback, coordinating with the employees to solve the problems related to their decreased performance, developing improved performance level etc play an important role in performance management. The method of evaluating the performance of a particular employee is known as the performance appraisal. It is a part of the career development and involves review of the performances of the employees

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