Friday, August 9, 2019

How does Implementation of Literature Circles Affect Student Essay

How does Implementation of Literature Circles Affect Student Performance on Literature Assessments - Essay Example in addition, some other classes like the 5th grade have opted to implement the literature cycles methods but teachers still have doubts on the method because they are not sure if it is as beneficial as the reading discussion or instruction which they are currently using. This article sought to investigate the impact of literature cycle compared to read-alouds on reading and student reading encouragement for students in high school (Allington & Johnson, 2002). It is important to note that when using literature circle method in giving instructions to students, they are not allowed to take comprehension-reading tests because comprehension tests provide efferent response. Researchers have tried to use various theories including reader response theory, flow theory, social interaction theory, and motivation theories to address the effect of reading instruction on students. Group discussion helps direct the child to more independent thinking and in turn expand cognitive development. It is v ital to note that if students finds an activity more interesting or perceive it as worthwhile then they are more likely to put in more effort in order to succeed. People need to become intrinsically involved in activity they are learning to do in order to make it valuable in future (Allington & Johnson, 2002). ... Literature circles have been found to be effective methods to help motivate students to read. Literature circles can be applied to assist pupils to learn different skills since children need to learn methods for holding themselves and others responsible, inviting and expecting quiet members of the group to participate or contribute and monitoring the purposefulness of the talk and negotiation of meaning. Read-alouds is another important method used in discussion about books with students. This technique is an instructional method where parents, teachers, and other caregivers read texts aloud to children. Reading aloud also is applied in the content areas very effectively in that they can allow for both collaborative and individual meaning construction through efferent response and aesthetic to content and literature (Daniels, 2002). For over the years, reading has changed significantly in that there has been various reading instructional or discussion methods that have been debated a s the most reliable. Students were divided into literature circle groups based on their preference books and these groups changed oftenly. In addition, the researcher on this topic selected for the read aloud each week. After the researcher read the book, the class and the researcher had a discussion over the story in the book. The researcher observed students attitudes and to hear types of discussion that were on going. Lastly, the researcher tried to establish the motivation level of the student by giving students time to determine their views of the process. The problem with introducing different learning or reading discussion is that some students will not be willing to participate in discussions than others. Some students tend to avoid teacher eye contact as a

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